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Ole Boy

George V
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Long Island Harbour Club is the incredibly proud home of 'Ole Boy' - the magnificent Class B Bahamian Sloop - a legacy to one of the greatest of Long Island's sailing legends - George V. Knowles. 


Formerly the Hummingbird, the Ole Boy made her sailing debut at the 52nd Annual Long Island Regatta as a true emblem of all that makes Long Island, and her tightly knit community, the legends of sailing. The Hummingbird ’s owner, Clifton Wells, gifted her to the Knowles brothers, Roland, Rodney, and Antanasio. The original hull was built by Laurin Knowles with a substantial rebuild by his son, Mark Knowles.

The inspiration for her new name originated from George V. Knowles, father of the Knowles brothers. George V., a renowned sailor of his time, often used the term, “ole boy,” when speaking to his friends. The Ole Boy is a tribute to George V’s sailing legacy and his love for family and


Ole Boy

Bahamian Sloop Racing, Long Island Regatta

'Clashing Titans'

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'Heading Home'

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